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Merchant accounts to make the recovery of debt easier for debt collection agencies

A more convenient way for a collection agency to settle debt

Collection agencies often struggle to obtain regular merchant accounts, in part due to the payment disputes and chargebacks that are simply part of the job. For this, agencies are too often categorized as a high risk merchant, making business harder to do when it comes to payment and credit card processing. FLEX Payment Solutions understands the needs of the debt recovery industry and has years of experience working with high-risk merchants, allowing them to accept credit payments for debt collection. 

Contact us today and learn how we can assist you with credit card processing for debt collection as your collection agency merchant provider.

Multiple payment options for a collection agency merchant

Collection agencies can choose from API, IVR, Text and Web portal solutions for merchants.

Experienced in debt collection merchants

We have worked with debt collection agencies throughout the debt collection industry for many years.

Payment terminal solutions

Debt collection agencies can choose between hardware or virtual card terminals for your business.

Third party gateways

Collections agencies can choose from a range of gateway options, including USAepay, and NMI.


Your own collection merchant account

As a debt collection merchant you are not bunched in with hundreds of other businesses by a merchant account aggregator.

Direct merchant account processor

Go direct with us for a debt collection merchant account for your business and avoid a middleman.

The importance of ACH and credit card processing

We recognize that collection agencies and the overall debt collection industry need merchant accounts to be a reliable way to recover money, usually paid at regular recurring intervals. The most efficient way to process these payments is by having the customer’s credit or debit card details to make the payments through the credit card companies. Once the payment details are in place there is less risk of the customer missing a payment, which is good for the collection agency and the original creditor.  

A collection agency merchant account services

Collection agency merchant accounts allow you to process payments from supplied card details, however due to the high risk nature of the collection agency business regular accounts aren’t suitable for these types of merchants. A chargeback ratio of more than 1% is considered high risk by many merchant account providers and will cause standard accounts to be flagged or suspended. Accounts designed for collection agencies are more accommodating to the regular payment failures or chargebacks that are common for collections. They do, however, tend to come with higher fees for processing and extra charges, so it’s important for merchants to understand what you are signing up for.

On the side of the debt collection merchant

FLEX Payment understands the intricacies of the collection agency industry and what you need from your payment processing. Thanks to our direct relationships with banks, providers, and credit card processors we can find the right solution for your collection agency and allow you to concentrate on what you do best.

Learn about our collection agency merchant accounts today

FLEX Payment Solutions specializes in supporting the collection agency industry with merchant account services built intentionally for collection agencies.  Contact us today and learn how we can provide an account that allows you to use credit in your debt collection efforts.  You do the collecting and leave the processing of payments to us!

Contact us to discuss your collection agency and how we can support you with an agency merchant account today. Let your debt collection clients begin to pay with credit cards today.

Let FLEX handle your payment processing

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