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FLEX Payment Solutions’ Innovative Text-To-Pay and IVR Technologies Make it Easier For Your Customers to Pay.

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FLEX Payment Solutions offers collection agencies just like yours, innovative collection software tools that increase, optimize, and expedite your collection efforts. By giving your clients the options to use Text-2-Pay SMS or voice mobile payments, your customers can pay anytime, faster, and without a traditional banking account. Your customers can use their credit card or mobile payment platform to send you payments fast. Reduce wasted labor needs and outbound calls.

Increase Your Collections.  Optimize Your Allocation of Labor. Give your Customers 24-7 payment options with secure links and simple-to-use directions.

How can FLEX Payment Solutions help your collection agency collect more, faster, and easier? Find out today!


Benefits of Text-To-Pay

There’s no need to be tethered to your phone and dialing for dollars all day. Make it easier for your customers to pay, and you can spend more time working on other parts of your operations.

Eliminate The Barriers And Excuses

Not everyone has a bank account, credit card, or a laptop, but everyone has a cell phone. Customers can make SMS text payments, and you can make your collection efforts more effective and profitable through automation.


Customers can pay at any time, day, or night, and you don’t have to be open. Increase customer satisfaction and make it more likely that they pay their debts on time and without delays.


Send secure payment directions and links to your customers securely.

Improve Collector Productivity

Improve collection efforts and maximize labor.

Stop Wasting Time On Unproductive Calls

Automate and digitize payment notices and requests. Collect faster, easier, and more conveniently.

Improve The Customer Experience

When it’s easier to make payments and do so on their schedule, research shows, they’re more likely to pay. In fact, over 78% of your customers are already using text or mobile voice options to pay their bills.