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Credit & Debit Card Processing

Let's face it, at this point debit and credit card processing is more than just an added convenience for your customers, it's an absolute business necessity. Whether you're about to open your very first store, start an online business or hire your 100th employee, we have a solution to fit the stage of your business.  Our unique compliance background, paired with our innovative business model and special banking relationships will indefinitely save you money and help your business grow!


Available to any legal business types including state and tribal lending, hemp-derived CBD, pawn lending and vape shops.


  • Visa/MasterCard credit and debit card processing program.

  • We process for all hemp-derived CBD shops, big and small.

  • 100% domestic banking partners.

  • API or web-portal transaction initiation.

  • Restrict card acceptance to debit cards only.

  • Pay by text COMING SOON.