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We offer comprehensive services

The Hemp & Cannabis Industries are booming, but they can be complex to navigate. That’s where FLEX comes in. We’re a leading provider of payment processing and business services for Hemp and Cannabis businesses of all sizes.  

We are a one-stop shop for Hemp & Cannabis payment processing and business services. 

Electronic Payments

Say goodbye to manual payments and hello to a streamlined, efficient payment process. 

Website Design & Hosting

Create professional and engaging website that will attract and convert customers.

Business Advisory

Get expert advice on everything from business planning to cash flow management. 


Get all the benefits of a traditional bank account, without the hassle. Checking & savings accounts & CD’s. Obtain business capital for expansion and other financial needs. 

Payroll & HR

Take the hassle out of payroll and HR with our comprehensive services.

Bank Loans

Multiple bank and lender options with competitive rates and flexible loan terms. 

Let FLEX handle your Hemp or Cannabis Business Services

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