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Recognizing why the risk of your niche is high

So you may have determined that your industry or product requires a merchant account high-risk businesses need to support your payment processing services.

Banks, financial institutions and payment processors are naturally risk-averse. Though this makes business sense for them, it often leaves some companies considered high risk unable to get coverage, credit or a merchant account. Associations with illegal products and operations can taint entire industries, while simply not being able to provide a credit history can hurt others. FLEX Payment Solutions is experienced in dealing with industries classified as high risk and provides quality, high risk merchant account and high-risk payment processing for a variety of businesses.

If you believe your industry is considered high risk, contact us first and learn about the tools and methods we can present to make securing a merchant account a breeze for your business.

High-risk merchant account with a choice of payment models

Both flat rate and interchange pricing is available for high risk merchant accounts.

Covers a range of products with risk that is high

Vape products, CBD and firearms dealers are all eligible for a merchant account despite the high risk.

Payment terminal solutions for industries with risk

With your merchant account choose between hardware or virtual card terminals.

Third party gateways for a high risk merchant

Your merchant account will allow you to choose from a range of gateways, including USAepay, Authorize.net and NMI.

Your own high-risk merchant account

Not bunched in with hundreds of others businesses considered high risk by a merchant account aggregator.

Direct high-risk payment processor

Go direct with us as your high-risk payment processor. Your merchant account will ensure you avoid a middleman.

What makes the risk of a business high?

A merchant account considered high risk accounts is one that is at an increased risk of chargebacks, where a customer disputes a payment and the money is returned to their card. This can be for many reasons, including technical problems with the order, products not turning up, a fraudulent purchase, or simply a customer return.

Certain industries or products are more susceptible to having a merchant account with an increased number of chargebacks. This can be down to regulations on the shipping of the product to certain regions, either internationally or over state lines. It can also be due to the product’s popularity with fraudsters or possible links to crime and illegal activity.

Normally a chargeback ratio of over 1% of transactions is enough for a merchant account to be flagged as high risk. These accounts can then be frozen or suspended by major processors. To avoid this happening, you require a special high risk merchant account.

Risk merchant account fees for your high-risk merchant account

If your business falls into the high chargeback bracket, a high-risk merchant account is designed to protect you from being unnecessarily flagged and having your risk merchant accounts frozen.

There can, of course, be downsides to high risk accounts. The merchant account fees associated with this type of merchant account tend to be higher, both for payment processing and for the chargebacks themselves. Some high risk providers will also charge set-up fees, monthly or annual subscriptions and penalties for early termination.

However, an increased level of competition in the merchant account area has allowed high risk customers to shop around and find the best deal. Today, there are high risk merchant accounts available that provide a fair price for the service.

Here to help with high risk merchant accounts

FLEX Payment has extensive experience in providing accounts for high risk businesses and can help you find the merchant account to fit your needs. Whether you require payment processing for a vape shop, money lender, firearms provider or ticketing agency, we will ensure that you receive the very best rates, thanks to our partnerships with banks and providers.

FLEX Payment Solutions is the first and only call you should make if you are a high risk business in need of a merchant account.  Schedule a free consultation and learn how we can provide a payment processing account high-risk merchant businesses can trust to support your payment processing needs.

Let FLEX handle your high-risk payment processing

Contact us today for a merchant account quote for your high risk business

High-risk merchant account FAQ

What kind of accounts are the high risk accounts?

There are a variety of businesses with higher risk than others.  These tend to be businesses that have a high probability of chargebacks, or payment disputes.  This can make securing a merchant account in these industries quite difficult.  FLEX Payment Solutions can offer a trusted merchant account within numerous industries considered high risk including vape products, CBD, marijuana businesses, firearms dealers, ticketing agency businesses and more.

How much does a high risk merchant account cost?

While there are several factors that have cause a merchant account to have higher fees for a high risk business when compared to a business that is considered low risk, FLEX Payment Solutions offers a trusted merchant account for the high-risk businesses with highly competitive pricing and fees for the high-risk merchant.

Is there a risk merchant accounts could be suspended if you are high risk?

While a high-risk merchant could have an account suspended due to chargebacks with a major processor, a high-risk merchant account ensures that businesses do not have an interruption in the processing of payment for their clients.  If your business is in a higher risk category contact us today an learn how we can help.

How do I open a high-risk merchant account?

Despite the fact that you are amongst the businesses with risk considered higher, FLEX Payment solutions have made it easy for these types of businesses to secure a high-risk merchant account.  In fact, we have designed a payment processing solution tailored for the high-risk merchant.  Contact us today and let us begin to help you process payments today.

How long does it take to get approved for a high-risk merchant account?

Getting approved for a merchant account with a business with higher risk does not require a lengthy approval process.  In fact, since we specialize in providing merchant accounts for businesses considered high risk, we are able to expedite the approval process.  Contact us today for a free quote and let’s get you started processing payments right away.

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