Accept and Process Payments From Any Location at Any Time With Our Virtual Terminals

Revolutionize how you bill customers and get paid

Manage Payment Transactions With Ease

Eliminate all limitations caused by physical/manual payment processing solutions by using a virtual terminal that enables you to manage all transactions, be they in-person, over the web, or through the phone, without relying on a physical card reader.

Initiate and Receive Email Payments

Send your customers a secure payment link via email for simple and convenient payment transactions.

Add A Web Payment Option To Your Website

Provide your customers with easy-to-use checkout/payment pages on your website or CRM software by integrating them with virtual terminals to take care of all incoming payments. You can further connect a virtual terminal with your accounting software to synchronize payments with raised invoices.

Set Up Recurring Billing

Set up recurring payments to ensure you are paid automatically whenever invoices are due.

Easily Settle Voided Transactions

Avoid the back and forth with customers who cancel orders or make incorrect payments.

Retain More Profits With Surcharges

You can opt to pass the processing costs to customers with automated surcharges.

What Is a Virtual Terminal?

Virtual terminals are browser-based applications that enable businesses to accept and process electronic payments from their customers by transforming smart platforms such as mobile devices, computers, and tablets into a POS system.

However, unlike using a card reader to accept payments, customers will only need to input their credit or debit card information to initiate a transaction. This makes virtual terminals super effective for card-not-present transactions, making them a highly practical solution in the modern digital age.

Why Choose FLEX Terminal Payment Processing?

Secure End-to-End Encryption

Our virtual terminal transactions occur within a payment gateway protected with end-to-end encryption and tokenization technology. Only the tokenized information will be sent to your payment processor. As such, you never have to worry about storing sensitive customer information and risking them getting into the wrong hands.

Fast and Affordable

Our virtual terminal solutions will significantly speed up your payment collection while reducing overall operating costs, thanks to our low rates and processing fees.

Suitable for All Types of Businesses

You can benefit from our virtual terminal solutions regardless of the kind of business that you run, be it a retail store, restaurant, freelancing, or professional services.

100% Domestic

We have partnered with 100% domestic payment processors with an outstanding reputation in the finance industry. You can, therefore, always be assured that all funds processed will reflect in your merchant/bank account within the shortest period.

Excellent Support

Unlike most merchant account providers, we take your satisfaction seriously and have a highly skilled and competent customer support team that will always be at hand to address all your concerns.

Increase customer satisfaction with Virtual Terminal Payments

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