About FLEX

Our suite of flexible processing solutions help businesses maintain proper cash flow in modern times.

eCheck 21

When ACH is not an option, turn to our eCheck 21 solution which settles electronic payments over the check network with the same settlement and return reporting timing. 


Make business or consumer money transfers quick and painless by utilizing fully electronic transactions through the ACH network.  

Same-Day ACH

Nothing defines today’s consumer like instant-gratification.  We want our food, our streaming services and our transportation to be immediate, so why settle for slow fund delivery? 

Credit & Debit

Let’s face it, at this point debit and credit card processing is more than just an added convenience for your customers, it’s an absolute business necessity.

An Experienced Alternative Processing Provider

Banking Partners with
Powerful In-House Technology

We aren’t called FLEX without reason.  A suite of flexible processing solutions is what businesses demand to maintain proper cash flow in modern times, so that is exactly what our team built.  A network of specialized banking partners with alternative processing experience and powerful in-house technology fuel a program that is built to help brand new or well established companies. 

We can also assist a merchant in effectively on-boarding a payment solution for the first time. We pride ourselves on the time and effort put into compliance and customer service that keeps the integrity of our programs sound and gives clients peace of mind.

FLEX began offering a single proprietary payment program to the market in February of 2017 and has since added three new payment solutions while helping process $180M+ for a vast portfolio of clients.  Our team is focused on always providing top of the line service while continuing to grow our programs to fit the unique challenges that the future presents.

Meet The Team

Rob Zeitler


Mike Biegalski

Vice President

Tammy Graning

Steven Goutierez image

Steven Goutierez

Director of Sales - B2B/Low Risk

Sherry McKenney


Melissa Streeter

Compliance Officer

Millie Edick

Director of Operations

Caroline Bertani

Client Services Specialist

Laurie Zeitler

Client Services Administrator

Tammy Graham

Payment Operations Specialist

Matt Biegalski

Sales Associate

Amber Williams

Card Program Specialist

Mike Sullivan

Sr. Software Architect

Jennifer Hultman

Payment Advisor
Regulatory Requirements

Compliant Solutions

Our group was born during a time of crisis, Operation Chokepoint, and are thus organized to help any business type get through an adverse situation with speed and efficiency.