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Whether you’re about to open your very first store, start an online business or hire your 100th employee, we have a solution to fit the stage of your business. 

Nearly 1 out of every 3 transactions are now conducted by credit card payment. Whether your customers use Visa, MasterCard or any major credit card network to conduct a transaction, we are a top card payment processing company that helps your business save money on processing fees.

Niche Markets

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Our unique compliance background, paired with our innovative business model and special bank relationships will indefinitely save you money and help your business grow! Available to any legal business types including state and tribal lending, hemp-derived CBD, pawn lending and vape shops, FLEX Payment Solutions can assist with processing credit card and debit payments for your business.

Credit Card Processing

For retail stores online and in person to accept visa and other cards, whether debit or credit, you need reliable business services to process payments. Besides regulations, fees are reportedly the number one reason a retail business will choose not to accept cards for payments. FLEX Payment Solutions offers competitive fees to retail business to process cards payments. Online and in person customers can make payments with cards to business accounts with no worry about security and with low fees. Whether you are an online or traditional business, don’t let fees and regulations keep you from accepting cards for payments for your goods and services. Call today to learn how we can increase your options for accepting cards as payments.


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