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Save Money and Time on Retail Payment Processing

For retail businesses of all sizes and industries, FLEX Payment Solutions is the industry leader for retail payment processing. Whether you’re a single location establishment or a multiple location franchisee, FLEX has the right solution for your specific business needs! Our application process is simple, and you will have the value of working directly with one of our in-house Payments Advisors to ensure you’re supported during your implementation and ongoing servicing.

Retail Merchant Account Advantages

Next Day Funding

Receive payments in your account as soon as next day

Reporting Options

Robust back-office reporting and consolidated reporting for multiple locations

Bonus Programs

Integrated gift and loyalty programs

Upgraded POS System

Fully customizable POS systems that include employee & inventory management

Business Growth

Integrated Text & Email marketing features – drive more business with a few clicks

Terminal Options

Multiple hardware and terminal options, including multi-lane and wireless hardware solutions

Fast Approval

Rapid connectivity and authorizations

Frontline Service

Assigned Payments Advisor who knows your business needs

Why Choose FLEX As Your Retail Payment Processor?

Are you a retail business owner looking to streamline your payment processing systems while maximizing your revenue potential? Look no further than FLEX, your trusted partner in providing a wide range of credit and debit processing solutions. Whether you run a small boutique or manage a large chain of stores, FLEX offers competitive rates and cutting-edge technology to meet your unique needs.

We understand the significance of cost-effectiveness for businesses, especially in the highly competitive retail industry. FLEX offers competitive processing rates, tailored to the specific needs and volume of your business. Our transparent pricing model allows you to forecast your expenses accurately, enabling you to allocate resources efficiently and improve your bottom line.

With our seamless integration, secure transactions, and exceptional customer service, we are committed to helping businesses of all sizes and industries thrive in today’s competitive market.

Get Started With FLEX's Retail Team

In today’s fast-paced world, where convenience and speed are paramount, businesses must adapt to meet their customers’ evolving payment preferences. Accepting credit and debit cards has become a necessity, as cash transactions continue to decline. By offering flexible payment options, you not only enhance customer satisfaction but also unlock new revenue streams and tap into a wider customer base.

Call us today to meet your Retail Payment Processing Advisor and get started on saving time and money on merchant payment processing.

Let FLEX help you with a Retail Merchants Payment Account

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