FLEX Cash Discount Program

Improve Your Margins With Zero Cost Credit Card Processing

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Save on Every Credit Transaction

FLEX Payment Solutions knows that every cent can make a difference for your business. Our Cash Discount Program offers you the chance to save on credit card processing fees.

Provide the outstanding payment experience customers expect with no impact on margin, all while maintaining compliance. With FLEX, it’s possible—at no cost to you. We handle the cards. You manage your business.

Fast Funding

Receive the cash from your other payment transactions to your account quickly

Multiple Banking Partners

Providing more choices to ensure our cash discount program is the right fit for your business.

Multiple Payment Types

Our cash discount program works for both on-site and online purchases

Custom Reports

Streamline your accounting with reports that fit your business needs

Your Own Merchant Account

Not bunched in with hundreds of others by an aggregator

White Glove Service

Personal assistance when you need it most

Automated Cash Discounts

The Cash Discount Program helps your business build the cost to process cards into your pricing. When a customer pays with a card, our technology automatically isolates the processing fee included in the price and applies it to the merchant’s processing cost. Business owners can offset up to 100% of their processing fees and never have to worry about an unpredictable monthly statement. The program is fully automated, allowing your POS system to handle the work, so you don’t have to. 

Why Choose FLEX Zero Cost Credit Card Processing?

Easy Transactions.

Straightforward Pricing.

100% Compliant.

Pay a monthly fee for unlimited credit card transactions, and then accept credit cards with no processing fee, and pay a small transaction fee only on debit card purchases. Reduce the need for cash-only transactions and eliminate swipe fees, saving on your company’s bottom-line.

Call today to get started with our Cash Discount Program.

Let FLEX Be Your Cash Discount Provider

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