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Our instant funding product.

Funding In An Instant With Flex's Insta-Pay

Patience is overrated. Consumers want everything now. And millennials, whose demographic profile compose more than half of the consumers in the U.S., not only want, but expect everything instantly. This isn’t any different when it comes to instant funding or funding of same-day loans on their debit cards.  For the best type of loan instant funding may oftentimes need to be your go-to option.

Recognizing the uncompromising demand for speed, we’ve developed an extremely efficient, secure solution that pushes funds to your clients debit card precisely, reliably and in minutes. Our INSTA-PAY solution reinforces your brand as a consumer-first, service-focused lending business, by delivering funds almost instantly. With reduced funding settlement times, lower costs and possibly higher fund applications, everyone wins. Your client has immediate accessibility to their funds through their debit card, you improve your margins, and this creates more opportunities for more loan applications to be created.

Instant Funding

Send money and get your client funded 24/7/365 via debit card.

Customer Loan Satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty as a business that offers instant funding.

Excellent Coverage

Over 95% debit card network coverage included in our instant funding option.

Reduce Risk On Site & Online

Reduce on site cash and risk of theft and have the confidence of safe and secure instant online loans.


Save Money With Instant Loans

Eliminate checks, wires and ACH while still receiving online verification.

Payday & Cash Advance Funds

Provide an instant funding payday for cash advance loans or funding payday loans.