eCheck Payment Processing

Accept eChecks for Your Business Today

When ACH is not an option, turn to our trusted eChecks solution.

Easy Operation

Send a simple eChecks data file and we print, scan and process your merchant account payment for you.


Our eCheck process is fully compliant and allows your to process payments within Reg CC, Reg J standards.


eChecks provide options for additional information on each transaction.

Fast Funding of Payments

Deposit eChecks on a desired settlement date, and ensure they are not processed before or after.

Timely Reporting Features

Online eChecks gateway with customizable reporting options for your transaction.

eChecks Replace ACH

Our eCheck merchant accounts offer the same settlement process and return reporting timing.

Why FLEX Payment Solution's eCheck 21?

Trusted Electronic Check Processing Company

When your ACH merchant accounts are not an option, turn to eChecks for payment. With our eCheck 21 accounts you can settle payments from eChecks over the check network with the same settlement and return reporting timing.  RCC items additionally allow merchants to provide more transaction info to the consumer such as business name, check number and customer service phone number. 

Learn More about eCheck Payment Processing Today

Contact our team of eChecks support experts today and learn how we can provide a customer alternative to ACH and credit payments.  We can share our electronic check processing capabilities, incredible fees, and have you connected to an eCheck gateway where you can access all of your merchant accounts online in no time at all.