Tribal businesses

Providing services to Native American business owners on tribal land

An oasis in the credit desert

Businesses on tribal reservations have been ignored by major banks and processors for many years. This has led to credit deserts, from which it is nearly impossible to obtain any form of credit. It restricts the growth potential of those companies and affects the communities around them. FLEX Payment Solutions has experience delivering payment processing to Native American businesses and provides a range of affordable options.

A choice of payment models

Both flat rate and interchange pricing is available.

Experienced in tribal business

Over five years of working with tribal and native American companies.

Payment terminal solutions

Choose between hardware or virtual card terminals.

Third party gateways

Choose from a range of gateways, including USAepay, and NMI.

Your own merchant account

Not bunched in with hundreds of others by a merchant account aggregator.

Direct processor

Go direct with us and avoid a middleman.

Understanding tribal business issues

Without the ability to obtain a credit history, obtaining access to credit cards, loans or even bank accounts can be near impossible. For those living and working on tribal land, this is all too common a problem. For businesses, a lack of credit data means that even obtaining a merchant account for credit card processing can be tough.

Unscrupulous banks and lenders have previously taken advantage of this situation by charging inflated interest rates, which merely added to the problem. However, merchant providers that commonly deal with high risk businesses are now able to offer competitive solutions to tribal businesses that allow them to grow their businesses.

Your tribal merchant account

When choosing your tribal merchant account it is important that your provider understands the laws and processes associated with tribal land. That the provider has a history of working with tribal businesses across a range of different industries.

Experience matters

FLEX payment has been providing tribal payment solutions for tribal businesses for over five years. The experience we have gained over this period means that we are best equipped to find the right provider for you and your business.

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