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Providing the tools to payment

With the majority of consumer spending now being made through debit and credit cards, having the ability to take card payments is essential to every business. FLEX Payment Solutions offers a range of merchant services options that are designed to fit your business needs.  Our merchants program comes with years of experience and exemplary customer service and highly-favorable merchant pricing, rates, and fees.

A choice of pricing models

Both flat rate and interchange merchant services pricing is available.

Multiple banking partners

Providing more choices to ensure our merchant program is the right fit for your business.

Payment terminal solutions

Choose between merchant services hardware or virtual card terminals.

Third party gateways

Choose from a range of merchant services gateways, including USAepay, Authorize.net and NMI.

Your own merchant account

Not bunched in with hundreds of others by a merchant services account aggregator.

Direct processor

Go direct with us for merchant services and avoid a middleman.

Credit card processing

The ability to take payment by card is more important for a merchant today than ever before. Credit provides an easy option for payments for those who prefer not to carry cash, or allows them to spend more, using a physical card via swipe or chip and pin, or using a contactless pay from their card or phone. Card processing also allows a merchant to expand your business by taking payment by credit online, 24 hours a day. Call now to discuss our merchant services program.

Your merchant services account

Choosing the right company to provider your merchant services can seem overwhelming. There are a wealth of choices now available to you as a merchant, from big name companies to niche individual payment processors. There’s not a one size fits all solution, so it’s important to compare the services, various features and costs including the monthly service charge to ensure the merchant services provider matches your business needs.

The merchant support you need

FLEX Payment a wide range of bank and card processor relationships, and our experience in the merchant services market make us well placed to help guide you to the ideal merchant solution. Unlike some companies, we don’t use a middleman, so we limit fees, offer you the best prices, and a direct relationship with your payments provider.  Learn more now about how we can make digital commerce merchant services a breeze with our proven services for you as a merchant.

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