Vape Store Credit Card Processing and Merchant Accounts are Our Specialties

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We pride ourselves on knowing your space, your challenges, and your opportunities. 

Our team of payment processing professionals and banking partners are committed to your Vape business growth and long-term success.

We can help your vape business profit and prosper by offering innovative, trusted and secure credit card and domestic payments processing solutions.

If you sell vapes, vaping juice or other e-cigarette accessories, we’ll help your business accept credit and debit cards through our vape merchant account options

Here are just a few of the advantages of choosing FLEX Payment Solutions:

  • No contracts
  • No penalties
  • Customizable agreements
  • White glove-dedicated, U.S.-based service and reps.
  • Diligent underwriting process
  • Flexible, competitive and transparent rates
  • Industry-current: we know your space and challenges

We know that many traditional banks and credit card processing companies view you and your business as risky or even undesirable. We don’t. We want your business and we’re proud to be your payment processing partner.