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Understanding Cannabis Payment Processing & Accept Cannabis Payments

While a long line of studies have proven that cannabis, hemp, CBD, and marijuana all have great health benefits, operating a cannabis-related business can be quite challenging when it comes to payment processing.

Despite numerous states legalizing the sale of medical and recreational marijuana, cannabis is still a very unique and evolving industry. This also means that payment processing needs for cannabis merchants remain quite unique. The reality is the complexity of the industry can make it quite difficult to find a payment processor for cannabis merchants without encountering significant limitations or having to pay outrageous processing fees.

Given that your customers want more payment options, spend significantly more when paying by credit card, and knowing that the industry presents numerous cash-management challenges, it is critical to find the ideal payment processor for your high-risk business.  This is where FLEX Payment Solutions can play a pivotal role in your business.

Your Own Unique Payment Processing MID#

Be responsible for only your transactions.

White Glove Payment & Credit Card Processing Service

You’ll have an account rep assigned to you.

Accept Credit Cards - All Major Brands

Credit, debit and ACH are available.

Retail & Online Credit Card Processing

Have a seamless transition with both.

We Understand Cannabis Payment Law

We have a dedicated compliance team.

Secure Cannabis Payments & Checkout

PCI compliant and custom web portal.

Your solution for marijuana and credit card processing

Learn more about cannabis payment & cannabis credit card processing now

Our extensive track record of managing high-risk merchant accounts across numerous and complex industries, which positions us uniquely to serve the cannabis industry. FLEX Payment Solutions offers best-in-class cannabis merchant services that allow you to accept more than just cash and debit cards.

While other credit card processing companies won’t work with certain types of cannabis businesses, or won’t allow credit cards to be accepted, FLEX Payment Solutions has built a safe and effective merchant accounts solution that will accept cannabis or marijuana payments. 

In fact, we accept all major credit cards.  Further we have a unique blend of superior customer service, fast funding options, custom integrations, and honest pricing setup. We also have multiple exclusive bank partners that approve of the cannabis space. This premium formula will keep you focused on growing your business while we take care of your payment processing needs.

Stop worrying about being shut down. As a merchant in an industry not everyone understands, it is important to choose partners who know how to keep your cannabis business compliant and operational. There’s a reason why we are one of America’s fastest-growing businesses. 

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