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Image of Exploring Industry-Specific Solutions for High Risk Merchant Accounts
Whether you’re in ecommerce, fintech, or the travel industry, dealing with high-risk merchant accounts can pose distinctive challenges. As a professional in these fields, you’ve likely faced hurdles such as payment processing hurdles, security concerns, and even industry-specific compliance issues. However, these issues aren’t insurmountable. By exploring industry-specific solutions, you could revolutionize the way you...
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Image of Top Challenges Faced by High-Risk Merchants
Imagine you’re the owner of an online vape store, classified as a high-risk merchant. You’re constantly battling to secure a reliable payment processor, navigating a labyrinth of regulatory hurdles, and warding off frequent chargebacks and fraud attempts. Let’s not even mention the sky-high fees and the struggle to maintain account access. And above all, building...
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Image of How Much Does A High-Risk Payment Processor Cost_
High-risk merchant account fees are more costly than traditional merchant accounts to offset the financial exposure associated with servicing high-risk businesses. A business is classified as high-risk because of the potential for chargebacks, fraud, and other risks. Without a merchant account, your business cannot accept credit or debit cards — the consumers’ most preferred means...
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high risk payment processing company image
Choosing the right high risk payment processing company for organizations operating high risk businesses such as online gaming, adult entertainment, and travel is critical. These industries face unique challenges, such as: Higher level fraud Regulatory compliance requirements Chargebacks Without a reliable high-risk payment processor, your business can face losses, reputation damage, and legal penalties. Key...
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high risk payment processor image
As an eCommerce merchant, you know the criticality of managing your risk and reducing your business’ exposure to chargebacks. One of the best ways to do this is by partnering with high-risk payment processors. A high risk payment processor is a company that processes payments for merchants considered to exceed certain risk thresholds set by...
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Have you been looking for a reliable and secure way to accept ACH and credit & debit card payments in your CBD business? You no longer have to look any further than FLEX Payment Solutions, and we have the perfect solution for you – our CBD Merchant Account. The Best CBD Merchant Account For Your...
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Image of a person using a card machine High-Risk Merchant Accounts – Grow Your High-Risk Business
Are you a high-risk business that is struggling to get a reliable and secure way to accept ACH and credit & debit card payments? You no longer have to worry anymore as FLEX Payment Solutions is here with the perfect solution for you – our High-Risk Merchant Accounts. Businesses That Are Considered High Risk Payment...
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Today, there are more digital payments than they were ever before, and as commerce gradually moves to cyberspace, there is a growing need for businesses to process payments online. However, finding a cost-effective payment processing solution is easier said than done. Still, it is essential as only 19% of consumers prefer to use cash over...
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Credit card swipe for CBD shops
The online CBD market has been on a tremendous rise in the past few years. Following the discovery of its several benefits, CBD for sale hit a high demand. The demand has reached a point where the CBD business rakes $20 billion annually. With this figure, the challenge of running a CBD business is possibly...
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PayPal office image
Third-party vendor payment solutions like PayPal and Square are well known credit card and payment processing options for many businesses. Many small businesses rely on these services to provide customers with convenient payment methods. However, not all businesses can conduct business with payment options like PayPal and Square. Consider this hypothetical: A well-established vape and...
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