High-Risk Merchant Accounts – Grow Your High-Risk Business the Easy Way

Image of a person using a card machine High-Risk Merchant Accounts – Grow Your High-Risk Business

Are you a high-risk business that is struggling to get a reliable and secure way to accept ACH and credit & debit card payments? You no longer have to worry anymore as FLEX Payment Solutions is here with the perfect solution for you – our High-Risk Merchant Accounts.

Businesses That Are Considered High Risk

Payment processors are highly risk averse and will rarely attempt to do business with businesses considered high risk. Unfortunately, this is greatly frustrating in this modern age as everyone is into eCommerce and making online or card payments. Here is where FLEX Payment Solutions comes to the rescue as the go-to partner for high-risk merchant accounts that will enable you to run your physical or online business with ease.

Typically, your business will be considered high risk if it has these characteristics:

Higher Risk of Fraud

Any business or industry with high fraud risks is always considered a no-go zone by mainstream payment processors. This has had far-reaching impacts as e-commerce has become the norm while scammers constantly look for new ways to exploit customers and businesses, leading to a great conflict between convenience and risks.

Experiences Lots of Chargebacks

If your business niche or industry has been experiencing many chargeback cases, then most payment processing companies will want to avoid you. This is to avoid losing revenue due to chargebacks and difficulty keeping track of all cases filed and resolved.

History of Payment Processing Violations

Most payment processors have set high operational standards, and any violations of company policies are never taken lightly. If your business niche or industry has had a history of these violations, it will be hard for you to get approval for these services.

There are Lots of Recurring Expenses

Businesses that require customers to make recurring payments to access their services or enjoy their products are also considered high risk. This is because recurring payments create loopholes that can be abused for fraud and other payment processing violations.

Accepts International Payments

If your business serves customers from different countries and regularly receives payments in different currencies, it might be considered high risk. This is because of the high risks of money laundering schemes, high fees in case of chargebacks, and the need to adhere to different regulatory standards.

Newly Established Industries and Businesses with Low Credit Scores

Emerging industries have to go through an extensive process before they can get approval from payment processors to use their services. Equally, businesses with low credit scores are deemed high risk and will have a hard time getting payment processing services.

The industries/businesses that are considered high-risk by payment processors include:

  • E-cigarette, Cannabis and CBD businesses
  • Ecommerce businesses
  • Debt collection agencies
  • Casinos and gambling services
  • Multi-level marketing industries (MLM)
  • Adult industries
  • Online dating
  • Electronics and furniture selling businesses
  • Tours, cruises, airlines, and vacations

Let Us Solve Your Payment Processing Headache

Despite the challenges that high-risk industries and businesses face when it comes to accessing payment processing solutions, FLEX Payment Solutions has committed itself to helping you overcome these hurdles. We have done this by creating professionally tailored high-risk merchant accounts that will cater to all your needs while efficiently managing the risks you might face.

Why Choose Our High-Risk Merchant Account

You Get Your Own High-Risk Merchant Account

Avoid the worries of being bundled with other businesses by a merchant account aggregator by choosing our high-risk merchant account. With us, you get to own your own account for ease in monitoring and managing all your payments.

Fast and Secure Payment Processing

You deserve convenience when running a business, especially when it comes to receiving your payments. With our high-risk merchant account, you will have fast and secure payment processing solutions, so you only get to focus on serving your customers.

Hardware and Virtual Payment Terminals

We provide both hardware and virtual payment terminals, so you can easily run your physical and online business. The best part is that both solutions have been tried, tested, and approved to work in the most demanding environments.

Simple and Efficient Third-Party Payment Integrations

We offer a range of third-party payment integrations, including USAepay, Authorize.net, and NMI, so you can accept card payments without facing any challenges or limitations. With our integrated gateways, you will obtain PCI DSS compliance, so your customers are assured of the safety of all their card transactions.

Suitable for All High-Risk Businesses

Our high-risk merchant account is perfect for everyone in an industry or business niche that most payment providers avoid. As such, whether you run a CBD business, debt collection agency, online dating platform, e-commerce business, or enterprise that sells adult products, we have you covered.

No Middlemen

Once you get our high-risk merchant account, you never have to worry about working with a middleman. Our solutions do not involve any intermediary, as our pride is in providing seamless payment processing solutions.

Reasonable Fees

We are committed to making it easy for you to run your business, and to ensure this, we offer reasonable fees for our high-risk merchant accounts. Depending on your needs, you will have the option to opt for either a flat rate fee or interchanging pricing.

24/7 Customer Support

At FLEX Payment Solutions, we value your satisfaction and will always be there to address all your concerns. We provide 24/7 customer support all year long, so you only have to be concerned about serving your customers.

Make the Smart Choice About Your Payment Processing Needs

As a high-risk business, you cannot afford to keep limiting your customers on how they can make payments for products they purchase. Having a cash-only system will only see you lose customers, as we are in an age where online and card payments are the norm. Fortunately for you, our high-risk merchant account is here as a top-tier solution that will resolve all your payment processing needs.

Get started today and let your customer enjoy the ease of conducting business with you without facing any hiccups!!!

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