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Have you been looking for a reliable and secure way to accept ACH and credit & debit card payments in your CBD business? You no longer have to look any further than FLEX Payment Solutions, and we have the perfect solution for you – our CBD Merchant Account. The Best CBD Merchant Account For Your...
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Credit card swipe for CBD shops
The online CBD market has been on a tremendous rise in the past few years. Following the discovery of its several benefits, CBD for sale hit a high demand. The demand has reached a point where the CBD business rakes $20 billion annually. With this figure, the challenge of running a CBD business is possibly...
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CBD oil with a white label
Despite being considered a high-risk business, the CBD industry is booming right now. Indeed, as a wellbeing supplement, CBD is more popular than ever. Consumer demand is high, so while the market may appear crowded, it seems like the ideal time for startup and small businesses to take a dive into the world of selling...
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