Cannabis Payment Processing
Cannabis Banking Reform image
FLEX provides an update on cannabis banking reform and the current state of cannabis payment processing,
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Payment Options for Your Cannabis business image
The decision between cash and cashless payments for your Cannabis business can seem very uncertain in these times. You’re grappling with the simplicity of cash transactions versus the modern convenience of regulatory issues with cashless systems. But, it’s not as simple as choosing one over the other. Both options carry their own unique benefits and...
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Image of What makes CBD Hemp Merchant Accounts different
Are you curious about the unique aspects of CBD hemp merchant accounts?  Well, let’s explore what sets them apart from traditional merchant accounts and why it matters for your business. When it comes to CBD products, there are complexities and risks involved, thanks to the legal and regulatory landscape. That’s where CBD hemp merchant accounts...
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Cannabis credit card payment image
Most, if not all, Americans are more than used to making purchases using plastic. Whether pulling out a credit card at a grocery store to buy bread or paying for a cup of coffee, most Americans prefer using plastic. That is why many people find it unusual that cannabis sellers or dispensaries rarely don’t accept...
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cannabis credit card processing
When most Americans make their first trip to buy cannabis, a substance that’s legal in many states, and stores need a license to sell, they assume that swiping their credit card should be enough.  While people may conduct research online before they buy cannabis, they often don’t check how to pay for it because the...
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Most people who aren’t a part of the cannabis industry may assume that cannabis credit card processing is similar to any other industry. After all, even the gambling and other high-risk industries can process credit cards. In reality, cannabis payment processing is much more complex than that, but fortunately, things are changing, as we’ll discuss...
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