March 8, 2021
PayPal office image
Third-party vendor payment solutions like PayPal and Square are well known credit card and payment processing options for many businesses. Many small businesses rely on these services to provide customers with convenient payment methods. However, not all businesses can conduct business with payment options like PayPal and Square. Consider this hypothetical: A well-established vape and...
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Person using credit card on computer
The number of businesses processing debit and credit card payments is increasing every year. A 2020 report from Nilson shows that debit card payments accounted for 41% of consumer payments in the U.S., while 22% were credit card payments. Without the right setup to effectively handle card processing and other modern payment solutions, businesses can...
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Cybercriminal using a credit card on a laptop
E-commerce sales are growing exponentially, with no sign of slowing down. Unfortunately, credit card fraud attempts in online shopping transactions are also on the rise. Credit card fraud is the number one type of fraud in the United States, according to a 2020 Federal Trade Commission Report. A specific type of credit card fraud referred...
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CBD oil with a white label
Despite being considered a high-risk business, the CBD industry is booming right now. Indeed, as a wellbeing supplement, CBD is more popular than ever. Consumer demand is high, so while the market may appear crowded, it seems like the ideal time for startup and small businesses to take a dive into the world of selling...
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Image of invoice on a deak
Credit and debit card purchases make up a large percentage of sales for most businesses, so it is important for business owners to understand the fees charged by a card processing company. Unfortunately, these invoices can be confusing, leaving the reader unclear about what is charged and why. For small or high-risk businesses, these invoices...
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Image of credit card processor
Contactless payments are a simple way to make life safer and easier for retail customers. Reduced touchpoints, enhanced security and less risk from carrying large amounts of physical cash contribute to a better experience for customers. During a pandemic, many of these points are even more pertinent to provide a safe, secure transaction. Traditionally, high-risk...
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